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7 reasons to buy Alpha and Omega


Available world-wide from October 25

Available world-wide from October 25

The 2014 WAG #new #release #short-stories anthology Alpha and Omega is available in print and eBook world-wide from October 25.

On that day in Australia we will have the physical launch at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

For those flying over from London, New York and Paris for the launch starts at 1pm.

Last year, Writers’ Anthology Group (WAG) in conjunction with Bent Banana Books produced the popular collection Serendipity. Again Alpha and Omega has short stories and poetry, illustrated by local artists, mainly photographers

Now available world-wide in every format

Now available world-wide in every format

This year saw the launch of the Peter Campbell/ WAG Literary Awards with the champion’s trophy going to Paimarire Teague, a Year-11 student from Dakabin State High School.

Reason #1 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

Paimarire’s story Hope amid War is a dystopian story and, as they say, a page turner.

Reason #2 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

We All Meet in the Stars by Phil Devine is a fascinating real-life account of how Phil provided free viewings through his relatively powerful telescope.

It was a celebration of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy in the desert heart of Australia in Alice Springs. Superbly told, this story is a wonderful and surprising tribute to the human spirit.

Reason #3 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

A young story-teller is 16-year-old Sarah L Wilson.

Her futuristic story, First Do no Harm, is set in a youth orphanage. It is a tough exciting moral tale which breathlessly rushes the reader to its denouement.

Reason #4 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

Journey’s End by Sue Sander is a modern classic about the death of a loved one.

Without giving the plot away, I will simply say you will remember this one long after the last word. Superb.

Reason #5 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

Anne Olsson’s A Step Too Far is a brilliant telling of the progress through life of a group of high-school friends.

Distinctly Australian, the story nonetheless will touch the international soul.

Reason #6 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

Some people believe that self-promotion is an evil of the modern age.

I will simply say, you may enjoy my quirky suspense story The One About the Farmer’s Daughters

Reason #7 why you want to buy Alpha and Omega

There are another 15 stories, not to mention good poems and attractive artwork.

All this is at a most reasonable price given the collective labors of love that have produced it.

You can buy the eBook or print book from


or Google and affiliates and the eBook from a host of online retailers, such as the

Apple store

Or Barnes and Noble


Order your copy now!

  • Posted by BentBananaBooks
  • on October 12, 2014
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  1. Kasper Beaumont Reply

    #8 ..because there is an awesome dragon story penned by yours truly. Don’t miss it 🙂
    The Tragedy of Garass and Asher by Kasper Beaumont

    • BentBananaBooks Reply

      Is “dragon”actually a genre, Kasper? I thought it was fantasy – a great little story by any label.

  2. Phil Devine Reply

    G’day Bernie, thanks very much for your kind remarks with regards to my story, “We All Meet in the Stars.” Very glad you liked it and hope other people will too. It might interest you to know that the John Dobson I mention in my story passed away on January 15th this year at the ripe old age of 98. Hope my story will stand as a sort of a tribute to him. Alpha and Omega indeed!

    • BentBananaBooks Reply

      This will have everyone scurrying to Google John Dobson. And that, Phil, is our good deed for the day.

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