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Gore Vidal lives to fight another day

Thieves Fall Out By Gore Vidal as Cameron Kay Review by Bernie Dowling GORE Vidal biographer Jay Parini reckons Hard Case Crime has done the world a disservice by publishing this 1953 pulp novel written under a pseudonym. Hard Case claims to have discovered a lost novel by Vidal but t

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I read the future and it’s an eReader

IT is time for readers of eBooks to be heard, to turn the page, so to speak,  on their eReader.    Half price this January I LOVE me print books, reading them, writing them, publishing them. But I am disheartened by the stall in eBook sales. Figures show eBook sales have plateaue

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Buy a buddy a book this Christmas

Some books are made for an eReader.

BOOKS and especially EBOOKS make perfect presents. Every year people buy Christmas presents of eReaders or tablets. The giver can load up the tablet or reader with eBooks to give the receiver an extra surprise.   AVAILABLE FROM BENTBANANABOOKS WEBSITE YOU can buy most Bent Banana

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Twelve Days of Xmas

XMAS gifts abound on the 12 Days of Christmas. Select from 69 customer reviews   IF you are seeking  lovely presents to arrive  before Christmas, click on any link which takes your fancy. Purrfect Arch groom toy has more than 780 reviews   Xmas anthem IN my Twelve Days of Ch

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Fashion on the 12th day of Christmas

Shirt in the height of fashion

AS is her fashion, on the 12th day of Christmas, My Truelove sent to me a nice shirt.   Woolrich wool shirt has 4 customer reviews IT’S funny certain items of fashion are more likely to garner reviews than others. I have a theory that is probably wrong as I just cobbled it togeth

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Pet gifts on the 11th day of Christmas

Pet mat

ON the 11th day of Christmas, My Truelove sent to me a pet mat. This Aspen Pet Kennel Mat has more than 70 reviews I know what you’re thinking: I need a pet mat because I am always in the dog house. Well I am not. Not always. This dog and cat grooming brush has more than 4500 reviews

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Smart phones on the tenth day of Christmas

LG phones

WHY do they call it them cell phones when prisoners are not allowed to have them? And with that rather cute joke, I wish to inform you on the tenth day of Christmas My Truelove sent to me a cell phone, Amazon has a stack of new and used Smart Phones with and without contracts   I

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GoPro on the 8th day of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas day of Christmas My Truelove sent to me a GoPro Go Pro Hero 4 Choose from 1100 reviews   THE history of the GoPro camera is one of those young –entrepreneur-makes-good yarns but it is also a tale of giving the punters what they want. It is why you c

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